35 Winter Date Ideas

Living in Wisconsin, we spend most of our time trapped inside. The weather in the Midwest usually determines our plans.

My husband and I said that 2020 we were going to make more of an effort to spend quality time together. But planning anything with an unpredictable Mother Nature is hard. To help out I made a list of my top 35 Winter Date Ideas.

I tried to find things that were a mix of outside/inside and free/inexpensive. Pick out a few that you’d want to do and add them to your calendar. Do not cancel on yourself, make it a priority. You will not be disappointed, and will love making these memories.

35 Winter Date Ideas:

  1. Go ice skating.
  2. Cozy up for a Netflix & chill night.
  3. Visit the Ice Bars in Milwaukee.
  4. Go see a movie, we usually go on Tuesdays because the movies are $5 and you get free popcorn.
  5. Go sledding or tubing.
  6. Play board or cards games.
  7. Attend a local Winter Festival.
  8. Take a cooking class.
  9. Go indoor skydiving.
  10. Have a living room picnic.
  11. Go indoor rock climbing.
  12. Take a yoga class together.
  13. Enjoy a spa day.
  14. Make a romantic candlelight dinner.
  15. Plan your next trip or vacation.
  16. Visit the Ice Castles in Lake Geneva, WI.
  17. Go check out the Mitchell Park Domes.
  18. Go to a sports event, like a Bucks or Admirals game.
  19. Go out and sing Karaoke.
  20. Book a Brewery tour.
  21. Book a local Winery tour.
  22. Do an outdoor photoshoot.
  23. Give each other massages.
  24. Take a dance class.
  25. Sit under the stars with an outdoor fire, cozy up with blankets. Sip on hot cocoa and make s’mores.
  26. Take a bubble bath together.
  27. Go on a carriage ride.
  28. Rent a cabin up north and enjoy a winter getaway.
  29. Visit an indoor trampoline park.
  30. Explore your own city, make it a staycation. Check out all the little stores and stop in local bars and restaurants.
  31. Get dolled up and go out to a brand new restaurant that neither of you have been yet.
  32. Check out an indoor go cart track.
  33. Rent a lux dome and enjoy appetizers and craft cocktails.
  34. Hit the snowmobile trails.
  35. Here is something unique, board a Snow Train. Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad will take you through a winter wonderland and feed you dinner too.

Although not all on the list above will interest you, but you will find a couple ideas. Try them out and you’d be surprised. Enjoy laughing and making memories with one another. Really go out of your way to make an effort to put your relationship first, even in the bluest of times and weather.

*Play a little game, have your significant other pick a number 1-35, and that’s the date idea for the day.

If you think of anything else that would be fun to do for a Winter date idea, comment below. I’d love to know.



5 tips to Spice up your Marriage.

My husband and I have been married almost 8 years but have been together 13. Over time you need to put work into your relationship.

I made a list of 5 things you can do to spice up your relationship without making it feel like work.

Your marriage is one of the most important relationships of your life. So, if your marriage is suffering everything else around you seems to suffer.

It’s crucial to take time to nurture your relationship, it’s important to make each other feel loved. Read this and try them out. Ladies, these tips are for you, but men you can do the same. It takes two to tango.

5 tips to Spice up your Marriage.

1) Send him a text – Sometimes it’s a sexy picture, other times it’s a text letting him know you appreciate him. Either way it shows you are thinking of him. Sending him a sexy picture while he’s working is a cute little tease to remind him what he comes home too.

2) Ditch the sweats – When you go to bed wear something sexy. Even if you have kids it’s ok, throw a robe on. Here in Wisconsin, it gets cold but that gives you more reason to snuggle not to put more on.

3) Shower Date – Being vulnerable with your bodies will provide a great connection. This is one of my favorite dates. You escape from T.V.s and cell phones. It’s just you two making it steamy.

4) PDA – So don’t be that couple that needs to get a room but hold hands, kiss each other, touch his butt. Let everyone around you know you’re in to each other. It’s romantic. If you go out to dinner play footsie. Have fun with it.

5) Communication – Cliché, I know but for real. You need to talk about likes/dislikes in the bedroom. Share your fantasies with each other. Try them out. Be open minded and non-judgmental. He’s your husband, you don’t need to be shy or embarrassed.

Remember when you first met? You have all those feelings and butterflies, well that doesn’t need to stop. Time should only make you feel more comfortable in your relationship.

I hope that you try these out. Put an effort into your marriage. My best marriage tip of all: if you have to fight, fight naked! I hope that put a smile on your face. Good luck babe!