Love Boxes for Valentine’s Day

Every year for Valentine’s Day, I put together these adorable love boxes for my husband and daughter.

The boxes themselves are very inexpensive and can be used again year after year.

I buy things sporadically so I’m not paying a lot at one time. I find cute little things I know they will like. Luckily for me, both of my loves have a sweet tooth. So candy is always a must.

Mya is much easier to shop for then my husband. So for her beauty products are always a win. I knew there were a few things she wanted so I was able to grab those for her. For my husband, he practically lives in his truck for work, so I grabbed him some beef jerky and scratch offs. He also, just got a brand new Harley Davidson so I picked up some cute Harley things for him. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with that.

These boxes are so cute and personalized. I hope it shows that I love them and am always thinking of them.

I’ve linked the products used here.

Crafting is one of my favorite hobbies. I love sharing fun ideas with my followers. How cute are these???

If you make your own love boxes, tag me on Instagram @ambur.a.vance, I’d love to see what you put in yours!

As always, have fun with it and make it unique to your loves.



‘Art’ you glad hosting a Painting party is so fun & easy.

Hosting a DIY Wine & Paint party.

I’ve never attended a Wine & Paint party and wanted to host a girls night. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and host my very own ‘GNO – Wine & Paint party.’

I went with rainbow theme for the Paint part of the party. I thought it was perfect and easy to do. I’ve also been one to focus on the details, which to me always elevates a party.

They say love is in the details. 

I thought it would be cute to use wine corks as part of the placement cards to tie both wine & paint in. (Thank you Amy, who donated the corks to me.)

How can you have a Wine & Paint party without WINE. I bought many different types. I figured we can sample many of them since there were many of us.

I have never made a charcuterie board before but I thought about what pairs the best with wine, CHEESE.

I thought they turned out amazing a) for not being sponsored and b) never doing one before.

All in all, I received lots of compliments. I love hosting parties. I can’t wait to host my next one. Who knows what it will be, but I’ll share it when I do.

Purchase supplies here. 
Not too bad for not having painted since middle school.

If you decide to host a Wine & Paint party, tag me @ambur.a.vance, I’d love to see. As always have fun with it, add your own style to it.