Body Blur Review

As a beauty blogger, I’ve seen a lot of different products that I want. However; some of them are pretty pricey so in order for me to share them with you, they need to work and be worth the money.

Here in Wisconsin Winter started early for us. Which means hello pale skin.

Body Blur is a wash off skin finishing body makeup lotion that perfects skin, gives a natural looking tint for the body, and reflects light for a photo-ready finish. This product typically lasts only 24 hrs unlike self tanners.

It’s great for softening the appearance of veins and small scars for a flawless skin finish, while adding a hint of color.

Body Blur costs any where from $38-$45 per bottle and comes in 5 different shades. I bought mine in the shade latte.

Before – After

I have two pro-tips for you when using this product:

  1. Buy or use a brush to blend into your skin. Not only will you get a more even application, but it won’t stain your hands.
  2. Add your favorite body lotion to it, Body Blur does seem to dry fast so adding extra moisture will make for a more even blend.

I’ve linked the body brush I bought for application and the Body Blur HD Skin Finish here. This brush is small enough to use on your face and dense enough to rub it on your legs. You can clean it using the same cleanser and cleaning pad you use to clean your makeup brushes. Products I use are linked here.

Left leg no Body Blur
Right leg Body Blur applied

If you apply Body Blur using my pro-tips I truly don’t think you’ll be disappointed. This product works well just for instant color or when your in between spray tans.

P.s. The pictures and video above, I applied the night before I did a holiday photoshoot. Since I was going to be wearing a dress, I didn’t want my legs to be as white as snow. I’ll post a picture below so you can see. *Bonus sneak peek 😉

It’s adds a subtle shine, it also made them look more toned which is a win for me.

Give a girl the right tan and she can conquer the world!



Perfectly Imperfect

Today’s blog post comes to you as a reminder. A reminder that it’s ok to be perfectly imperfect, we are after all human.

I also, wanted to share with you that everything you see on social media is often a misinterpretation of actual life. People do a good job of only posting the positive and good in their lives.

Short story: My husband and I owned a business with our (now ex) best friends. After losing my brother-in-law literally the day after we signed our lease we had to push forward with the business. Shortly after, things started to take a turn for the worst in our friendship. They didn’t care about the huge loss our family suffered from. They were blaming my husband and I for everything with the business. Call us names, attacking our character, and talking about us behind our backs.

It took me a year to realize they had a toxic relationship amongst themselves and tried to take it out on us.

Mr. will post on FB daily positivity videos and only care about the view count. Mrs. plans trips with friends A) that she talk crap about B) so she can make money off of them. It’s sad to see. They have become so greedy and unrecognizable. They have a house addition that has been a few years in the making and a vacation house that they said they bought when it’s really Mr.’s parents. Why do I mention this? Well because; more then money, they care about perception and attention. They want you to see them one way, as perfect. That they don’t make mistakes. Which has got to be hard and so exhausting. No thank you.

The silver lining is they set a daily example of how I do NOT ever want to be.

I want to elaborate on the perfectly imperfect part of this blog post. When I decided I wanted to start blogging, I had so much self doubt. After researching for months, I kept telling myself – I’m too old, I’m overweight, I’m not pretty enough, or that I’m too shy. But then I realized that’s what makes me, ME.

You’ll always have people who like you and people who don’t, that’s just life. When I started this journey, it wasn’t about what other people thought. It was about me and doing what I love.

I enjoy doing photo shoots to get content for my blog and IG. But again, I critique the heck out of them. Like do I look fat, or how many chins do I have?? Then I have to remind myself it’s ok to be perfectly imperfect.

At the end of the day, I have an amazing family, loving friends, and a sexy husband who loves me for me. Nothing else matters. So, I will always try to keep it real with my following, and stick to being authentic with a hint of Facetune lol.

Lastly, as hard as it is don’t beat yourself up. Be yourself! That is your greatest power. You don’t have to impress people by being fake. If they don’t love you for you, then they don’t need to be in your life. Perfection is impossible to achieve, and that’s ok.

Dolls, do whatever you can to follow your dreams!



Fall in the City

Ok. So we got 5+ inches of snow on Halloween here in Wisconsin. Apparently Mother Nature wants us to skip Fall this year.

Well I’m still going to post about Fall.

Last month, I met up with a few blogger friends for a styled shoot. A picnic in the park with fall foliage added ambiance. The tablescape was perfectly decorated, and the did I mention there was a tree swing?

Yeah! How frickin cute? Not only was this fun to shoot but it was nostalgic to my childhood memories, swinging on my aunt and uncles swing set.

As always, when shooting or writing about fashion I truly try to find the most affordable fashion to share with my followers. This shoot was no exception.

My inspiration for a fall color palette is to look at the changing leaves on a tree. You can’t go wrong.

I went with a long sleeved ribbed mustard yellow A-line dress. I knew I wanted a pop of color so I wore a burgundy bootie and tied the colors in with a blanket scarf.

Shop my look here.

This dress is a perfect staple for fall fashion. You can add so many accessories to help dress it up or wear it casual. Later on in the shoot, I switched out my scarf for a burgundy teddy/Sherpa jacket. And threw on a pair of cognac colored over the knee boots.

Who doesn’t love a versatile dress that you can transition from fall to winter?



Give em Pumpkin to Talk About…

I’m not sure about you but I love fall & fall fashion, I’ve mentioned it in previous blog posts. I love to celebrate fall until Thanksgiving, then I switch gears to Christmas.

I love this fall outfit. I am wearing a Ribbed open-shoulder sweater in the rust color from Forever 21. Can you believe that it’s under $20?

My jeans are a distressed jegging from Closet Candy Boutique from last year. But I linked a black distressed pair that will work just as well, and they are only $20!!

I accessorized this outfit with a black felt floppy hat and a pair of super cute short rain boots with a bow detail. This $3 necklace adds a little sparkle to complete my outfit.

Since in Wisconsin we did get our first measure-able snow fall the night before these pictures (10/29/19) I brought a suede army green Moto jacket and a neutral scarf to throw on top, since it was chilly.

Shop my look here. I always try to keep my outfits very affordable for my followers.

These pictures we’re taken at Cedarburg Creek Farm where they offer so many fun fall activities like: a petting zoo, pumpkin farm, Free hayrides, corn maze, and more. It’s a fun family friendly place right off HWY 60 in Cedarburg.

Did you make it to a pumpkin farm this year? Did you carve any pumpkins?

Secret of mine… I’ve never ever tried a PSL!!! Crazy, I know. Maybe this will be the year?!?



Haiti Mama Jewelry

As an influencer, I try to find fun and affordable fashion. I also, love clothing and accessories that have an amazing cause to support.

•Shopping + supporting a great cause = my jam!

I was introduced to Haiti Mama jewelry line from a friend who travels to Haiti frequently for mission trips. It’s fun to watch her love and passion for this mission show in her pictures and connection with the children. I’m so inspired by her.

Haiti Mama’s mission is simple: Reunite. Rehabilitate. Restore. Haiti Mama works to reunite homeless youth in Haiti with their families, building alternative solutions to institutional care of children. They believe in rehabilitating parents through employment and restoring hope by empowering families.

Job creation is a vital part of the family reunification process! Haiti Mama just launched a gorgeous new line of earrings. Textures of Haiti lightweight tin earrings feature authentic photography of the beautiful island of Haiti. They are designed and cut by Mama Andy and Papa Milo in Haiti. Each pair comes with a postcard that has the full image of the jewelry selected.

My specific earrings come from the Kenscoff Collection. Kenscoff is a city in the mountains outside of Port Au Prince. I am obsessed with these earrings and prints or theee reasons 1) for the cause 2) they look so tropical and 3) super light weight.

Since many of the designs are based on landscape, culture, and art the variety is endless. Check out Haiti Mama on Instagram. Tag me in your pictures when you rock your Haiti Mama jewelry.



Sweater Szn – Fall sweater Trends

Fall is one of the best seasons in Wisconsin for fashion. You get to play with so many accessories and colors. This Fall the sweater is the best trend. Although in this blog post I’ve only shared a few of my favorites. The list is endless.

Below are some of my favorites for the Swearer Szn!

•Cardigan – This trend is perfect to just add on the go. Cardigans are also good to hide your booty. The nice thing too is that they come in all lengths.

Shop this look here.

•Colorful – The colorful sweater trend is a classic. From rainbow to bold neons, throw on an oversized sweater and {Fall} in love with this sweater trend.

Shop this look here.

•Textured – Sometimes textures are just as popular as prints, just in the monochromatic form.

Shop this look here.

•Distressed – I’ve finally hopped on this trend and can’t complain. From jeans to sweaters you can’t escape the distressed trend.

Shop this look here.

•Striped – Stripes are just as popular as the color-block. Doesn’t matter if the stripes are thick or thin, just try whichever one look best for your body type.

Shop this look here.

•Sweater Dress – This is the perfect combo of dressy and warmth. Cowell or turtle neck, thin or thick, doesn’t matter jump on this trend and stay comfy.

Shop this look here.

Like I said, these are just a few of the most poplar styles. Some honorable mentions are: turtle neck, oversized, dusters, ponchos, and chunky. Shop all styles here. As always play around with the different styles. Dress them up or down whatever you feel comfortable with.

What is your favorite sweater trend this Fall?



5 tips to Spice up your Marriage.

My husband and I have been married almost 8 years but have been together 13. Over time you need to put work into your relationship.

I made a list of 5 things you can do to spice up your relationship without making it feel like work.

Your marriage is one of the most important relationships of your life. So, if your marriage is suffering everything else around you seems to suffer.

It’s crucial to take time to nurture your relationship, it’s important to make each other feel loved. Read this and try them out. Ladies, these tips are for you, but men you can do the same. It takes two to tango.

5 tips to Spice up your Marriage.

1) Send him a text – Sometimes it’s a sexy picture, other times it’s a text letting him know you appreciate him. Either way it shows you are thinking of him. Sending him a sexy picture while he’s working is a cute little tease to remind him what he comes home too.

2) Ditch the sweats – When you go to bed wear something sexy. Even if you have kids it’s ok, throw a robe on. Here in Wisconsin, it gets cold but that gives you more reason to snuggle not to put more on.

3) Shower Date – Being vulnerable with your bodies will provide a great connection. This is one of my favorite dates. You escape from T.V.s and cell phones. It’s just you two making it steamy.

4) PDA – So don’t be that couple that needs to get a room but hold hands, kiss each other, touch his butt. Let everyone around you know you’re in to each other. It’s romantic. If you go out to dinner play footsie. Have fun with it.

5) Communication – Cliché, I know but for real. You need to talk about likes/dislikes in the bedroom. Share your fantasies with each other. Try them out. Be open minded and non-judgmental. He’s your husband, you don’t need to be shy or embarrassed.

Remember when you first met? You have all those feelings and butterflies, well that doesn’t need to stop. Time should only make you feel more comfortable in your relationship.

I hope that you try these out. Put an effort into your marriage. My best marriage tip of all: if you have to fight, fight naked! I hope that put a smile on your face. Good luck babe!




Tuesday, July 2nd I went to Skin Anti-aging Lounge for my CoolSculpting appointment. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I attended their GLOW into Summer event back in June and got to see an actual procedure being done. Chris was the technician that was there answering questions and performing the treatment.

I know I’m not alone when writing this, but I have areas of my body that cause insecurities. My chin area is definitely one of them. I was intrigued to find out there was a treatment that I could do to remove excess fat with no down time.

I had two separate treatments done along my jawline. One along the right side and one on the left side, they overlapped in the center. Each treatment took roughly 40 minutes long. I would say I tolerate pain really well, and this was a painless procedure. Other than sitting very still for each timed treatment, there wasn’t any discomfort. I literally took mini naps while each treatment was going on.

Some cool facts about CoolSculpting are that the treated fat cells are completely eliminated, where when you lose weight fat cells shrink but do not go away. Also, for me my individualized treatment plan I only had a single treatment, meaning I shouldn’t have to come back again.

I am so excited for the results. I was made aware that results are not immediate that I should start seeing results in a few weeks. With full results in up to 3 months, as the body naturally processes the fat and eliminates those dead cells.

See below my time line of pictures.

Day of treatment, July 2nd.
Top – before procedure.
Bottom – 60 days after procedure.
Top – 60 days after
Bottom – 90 days after

Check out my CoolSculpting Highlight on my Instagram page.

I am beyond thrilled by these results. I know that a proper diet and exercise will now help define my jaw line even more. But at least I know with this permanent treatment, I won’t miss those annoying fat cells any longer!!

Plus I’m a sucker for anything beauty, I’ll try anything if it’s going to help me look thinner, younger, or healthier.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I’d be happy to answer them.



How to style a sweater dress multiple ways.

As a blogger/influencer, I pride myself on finding affordable fashion for my followers. When looking for clothing that also saves money, I also look for it to be multi functional. How can I style something multiple ways to get the most bang for my buck? This is the blog post for that.

When purchasing simple wardrobe pieces I try to see if it can be worn in a ‘casual momiform’ way – meaning running errands, going to the grocery store, or attending a cheer practice.

How about, can it be styled for work? Date night?

Just look in your closet and pull shoes, accessories, and hats that go with it. It doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does need to reflect your style.

Here is how I styled this super comfy Black Sweater Dress.

Honestly, I could style this dress probably 20 more ways. Just by changing the color of my OTK boots. Or by adding leggings and making it a tunic, throwing on a moto jacket to edge it up. Have fun and play around with it.

I may do another photoshoot with more styles. Not only to show you more ways to style but because I love style different outfits, it’s fun to me.

I was torn between the black sweater dress and the oatmeal color so I purchased both for you to see how you can change it up.

Shop this look here.

Same with this one, there are many more ways to play this one up.

I hope this helps inspire you to play with your wardrobe and switch up your outfits, make them multi functional. Be sure to tag me @ambur.a.vance so I can see your styles!



Love my Skiin

In June, I was invited to attend the Skiin Anti-aging Lounge for their GLOW into Summer event in Waukesha.

I was able to try out a new product called Newtox (Jeuveau) which is a FDA approved prescription medicine used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines in between the eyebrows in adults.

As a user of Dysport in the past, I was excited for the results of Newtox to occur between 2-4 days instead of Dysport’s 7-14 days. I literally started to see results in just a few hours.

Another exciting service I tried to help GLOW into Summer was an IV Vitamin Drip.

Skiin Anti-aging Lounge offers 5 different types of Drips for any IV vitamin therapy you need.

I tried their Drench blend which is a mix of zinc and ascorbic acid which helps build the immune system and fight off viruses. This totally helped me when the rest of my family was battling colds. I normally catch everything, but am loving that I’m not missing any summer days being sick.

I’ll be back and trying all 5 of them.

Skiin Anti-aging Lounge not only was beautifully decorated but the staff was so friendly and welcoming. The staff was extremely educated in all the services and answered all my questions.

Which is why I also booked a CoolSculpting appointment in July. You know I’ll be posting about that experience and before and after pictures.

One last thing I can’t forget to mention, Skiin Anti-aging Lounge also offers a Skiinsider loyalty membership. Who else offers that? How cool! For $99/month you get: either an oxygen infusion facial or a 90-minute aroma touch massage every single month, discounts on Botox/filler/products, and an awesome referral program. Sign me up, like yesterday! Visit Skiin Anti-aging Lounge today to schedule an appointment, let them know Ambur sent you. They will hook you up!!

Check out a couple pictures from there GLOW into Summer event.