How to style a sweater dress multiple ways.

As a blogger/influencer, I pride myself on finding affordable fashion for my followers. When looking for clothing that also saves money, I also look for it to be multi functional. How can I style something multiple ways to get the most bang for my buck? This is the blog post for that.

When purchasing simple wardrobe pieces I try to see if it can be worn in a ‘casual momiform’ way – meaning running errands, going to the grocery store, or attending a cheer practice.

How about, can it be styled for work? Date night?

Just look in your closet and pull shoes, accessories, and hats that go with it. It doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does need to reflect your style.

Here is how I styled this super comfy Black Sweater Dress.

Honestly, I could style this dress probably 20 more ways. Just by changing the color of my OTK boots. Or by adding leggings and making it a tunic, throwing on a moto jacket to edge it up. Have fun and play around with it.

I may do another photoshoot with more styles. Not only to show you more ways to style but because I love style different outfits, it’s fun to me.

I was torn between the black sweater dress and the oatmeal color so I purchased both for you to see how you can change it up.

Shop this look here.

Same with this one, there are many more ways to play this one up.

I hope this helps inspire you to play with your wardrobe and switch up your outfits, make them multi functional. Be sure to tag me @ambur.a.vance so I can see your styles!



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