Game Day Gear

Ready, set, hike! I’ve always loved a good theme to dress up to. So, why should your favorite team gear be any different?

I’ve put together some of my game day gear for you. Ok I know we may not cheer for the same teams but the idea of dressing up is the same. We all love to show our team colors.

Accessories are your best friend when sporting your team. You can look so put together just by throwing on a leather jacket or a cute necklace. Or keep it simple by adding your favorite Converse and baseball cap.

Also, one of my pro-tips: shop at the end of the game season for sale items. Most of the time buying anything sports related can be expensive, so waiting for the sales is smart. Some of my favorite pieces were on sale and no one has them.

Another pro-tip for grade school to High School sports team is the buy a general sports shirt. For example: my daughters middle school sports team is the Falcons and the High School is the Black Hawks. So I bought a shirt with Grafton on it, so it lasts throughout her school career.

Whether you are tailgating, attending the game, or watching from home, you can cheer on your team in style!

Comment below your favorite teams!!



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