Who would have thought?

MATC Campus in Mequon

When a friend came to me with the idea of taking the riders academy course through Suburban Harley, I was completely hesitant.

Waiting in line selfie!

Six months ago had you have told me that I’d be a licensed motorcyclist and own my own bike, I would have laughed at you.

Suburban Harley supplies the motorcycles and the helmets.

My instructors were Chris and Sarah, they were so good. They definitely gave me important safety information as well as the confidence to actually get on a motorcycle and begin to ride. I want to be clear that I knew absolutely nothing about riding a motorcycle. Nothing. To think that only after a 4 day class, I knew I would want to own my own bike.

Seriously, if you are questioning yourself whether or not to take the class, always remember YOLO!! Why not? I took it with the intention to at least learn additional safety instructions as a passenger. But I promise once you pass, you will love the independence of riding on your own.

Please email or DM me on social media and I can get you more information on signing up for Riders Academy. You can also visit Suburban Harley to see the next available class and locations.



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