Myrtle Beach Family Vacation

Two of my favorite things of all time is travel and my family. I am beyond blessed that I was able to do both two years in a row.

April 2018, was our first trip to Myrtle Beach with a bunch of family. It was literally a trip of a lifetime. That’s when my love affair for South Carolina started. We all knew we would be back.

Being from the Midwest we needed to escape the bitter cold and rain for a week. This trip couldn’t have come at a better time for every single person in my family. Between starting a new job and a tremendous loss in my family we needed to escape reality and fast.

We booked through VRBO for the same exact house and set out on a road trip to the beach.

Our main goal for our week vacation was to relax and hang out with family we don’t get to see that often. We closed down our bar in Cedarburg AT JJ’s Bar & Grill and boarded our dogs so we literally had both nothing to worry about back home.

Here are 6 of my best moments of our vacation:

1) Family game nights.

We played cards and games while winding down for the evening. The laughs are long and the memories are great!

Uno is always a hit with us it’s easy for all ages to play.

2) Harley Rides

Last year and this year we trailered our Harley to Myrtle. Since the weather back home wasn’t the greatest it was nice to get out and ride. This year I got my motorcycle license so my husband wanted to rent a bike for me to ride around and get seat time. As nervous as I was, I couldn’t pass up this scenery. I highly recommend cruising around along the Ocean Blvd.

We ended up renting a Dana Wide Glide. I also loved that the bike it matched my Memorial Day outfit.

3)Slick Track Family Amusement Park

We actually went to two different amusement parks. One in Garden City Beach where almost everyone did the ejection seat. As terrified as I was, once we were at the top the views were unbelievable. My 12 year daughter ended up doing it too. Another thing we did was go- carting. Another perfect activity for all ages.

All three tracks I kicked butt, I definitely had the fastest cart.

4) Garden City Beach

Beach days were the best days. Since we went during Memorial weekend, they were busy. It was so nice since our house was only a block and a half away. Plus, we had golf carts which made it easy to pack a cooler and stay the day.

The kids boogie boarded and played in the ocean jumping the waves.

Even though we had our own private pool, it was relaxing to enjoy ocean/beach therapy.

5) Family Pictures

Last year was the first time we did family pictures while on vacation. I thought we were are all together anyways let’s hire a photographer and take family pictures. (I’ll post two from last year too.) Every year I try to think of themes and send the photographer my inspo shots.

Since we were down south I wanted the mossy oak trees as a background. And you can’t go wrong with the pictures on the beach. 2019 Family photos taken by One Life Photography.

I love styling photo shoots even if it’s with my family. They always turn out so nice. 2018 Family photos were taken by TiaLee Photography.

6) Brookgreen Gardens

My cousins and I went to the Brookgreen Gardens to take pictures for Instagram. It’s south of Myrtle Beach and it’s a sculpture garden. They were setting up for an art fair while we were there. Plus, we heard from locals that we may actually get to see an alligator. If you are ever in South Carolina you have to see the live Mossy Oak alley. It was so pretty.

We went an hour before they closed; it wasn’t busy and the lighting was great for pictures.



2 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach Family Vacation

  1. Yay! 1st blog post!!! Loved looking through your trip pictures! Looks like an incredible time making memories with loved ones 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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